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A day in the life of Dave – The Sharing Economy King

August 5, 2013 at 10:02 / by

People wonder how the Sharing Economy fits into their lives, so we created Dave, The Sharing Economy King, to show you how.

This is the first instalment of Dave’s adventures.


Day 1


Alarm snooze hit for the 55th time.


Quick breakfast on the new sofas from the Reuse Network, they took away the old ones in exchange, they are now sitting in the reception of the Windmill retirement home round the corner.


Check emails on phone.

Split on the weekend, Stan your host from AirBNB has sent you more pictures of the view from his apartment you’ll be renting for the weekend. He’s also providing towels, no need to put them on a wash then.


Take towels out the washing machine, put more pants in.


Delivery from Etsy, a print with frame from a local designer.

A surprise gift for the significant other but how to get it to Split in one piece?


Quick sprint to work over Blackfriars Bridge on a Barclays Bike, the bikes are docked the next road over from you so it’s the quickest and cheapest way to get into work at the Tech Hub which you’ve rented for product testing till the end of the week.


Cycling, sweating, dodging buses and more sweating


User Experience specialist arrives with coffee.

You can’t believe how useful he’s been to have on the project, or that the School of Everything provided him in exchange for Spanish tutorials.


Work, work, work.


Quick bite to eat and that request you posted on Sooqini earlier shows that a guy near the offices can bring you the Bubble Wrap you need to take the art to Amsterdam.


Work, work, work

3.35 – 3.45pm

Day dream about walking Charlie the pooch you looked after on Sunday gone from Borrowmydoggy


No still not there, a bit more work, but not too much. Cooking dinner for people in Casserole Club tonight. Thank God for that slow cooker you got from June on RentMyItems.


Flying over Blackfriars Bridge, with bubble wrap streaming out from behind you.


There’s just enough time to eat dinner with the neighbours. One of them thinks I need to check out Getmyboat for my weekender. Borrowing someone’s boat? Hell yeah!


Oops. Packing, trying to resist the urge to jump on industrial bubble wrap at midnight.

King Dave has shared his experience with us and if you’d like to just email [email protected] We always want to hear your stories.



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